Soccerful is dedicated to providing one wonderful soccer story every week. No more, no less. In a world where the focus is on quantity at breakneck speeds, Soccerful takes a more considerate approach and its focus is on quality at a relaxed pace.

Here at Soccerful we’ll always value quality over quantity.

John O’Brien is the chief writer here at Soccerful. John is a seasoned sports journalist and has worked at the Sunday Tribune, the Sunday Times and most recently at the Sunday Independent. Since cutting his teeth at the Sunday Tribune John has reported on a range of sports which has taken him across the world. As a sports journalist, he covered events such as golf, horse racing, GAA and of course soccer.

A feature of John’s writing has always been his attention to detail and that comes about from his unwavering insistence on completing as much research as is required to get the story right.

With his strong journalism skills and knowledge of sport, John is ideally placed to deliver soccer stories that educate and entertain.


Michael O'BrienMichael O’Brien is John’s older brother and is a lover of all things technology related. When the opportunity presented itself to work with John on building out the Soccerful platform, Michael was first in the queue and is delighted to be the bagman at Soccerful.

Michael is a seasoned marketing professional and has worked for the past 30 years for a range of international and local technology companies. He was there when the Internet first appeared and can recall coding his first website in basic HTML, long before the likes of WordPress and other content management systems came along.

Michael believes the one story per week approach will appeal to a broad range of readers who also share Soccerful’s core ethos of quality over quantity.